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In 2019, I was approached by a high-end builder and remodeler to help him with finishing touches for his custom projects - selecting hardware, paint, lighting, etc. for his clients. He liked my ideas and selections, and has hired me for several more projects since. His level of satisfaction with my work has given me the gentle nudge I needed to venture out on my own - I am beyond excited to help others with these same things in THEIR homes!

MB Creative is the marriage between my love of photography (my passion and "job" for the past nine years) and my desire to help others create beautiful spaces that they are proud of, excited by, and comfortable in.

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I began my first business, Michelle Bentzen Photography, in the spring of 2011, when my oldest son was a tiny baby. What I initially thought would be a fun hobby quickly turned into the greatest professional endeavor of my life!

Almost a decade later, I want to expand my passions and grow another great love of mine. Many years before my photography business took off, I loved color, light, design, art, modern decor - things that transform a house into a home; things that evoke feelings of comfort, satisfaction, pride, and happiness. I have renovated three different homes I’ve owned, and helped friends and family make countless design and style decisions on their homes over the years. It’s always been the unpaid side hustle to my actual hustle! 

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Wife to David and Mama to Carter (9) and Cole (6), I'm obsessed with my family (my people are my life!), crazy adventures with my boys, time spent with friends, good books, swimming with my sons, game nights, Diet Coke, bagels and cream cheese, and travel! I have been fortunate to see many different parts of the world, and have no plans of stopping. Adventures with David, Carter, and Cole are the best part of my life!


Take me anywhere and everywhere, as long as there are people! I thrive on genuine connections  with lots of different people, and putting a smile on someone's face or making them laugh truly fills my cup!

I have always loved to create art, and not just through my photography! A new coat of paint, a pretty rug, the perfect succulent, a vase that is just the right size and style, a beautiful photo frame, an abstract piece of art....these things placed cohesively together can transform a space. I am all about the potential of a space or a room, and helping people see the ways to maximize it!

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