Consider booking an In-home Consultation with me to make your home style dreams a reality.

an in-home consultation includes:

  • 60-80 minute meeting to view and discuss rooms/spaces needing a style makeover

  • Suggestions for improvements such as potential paint colors, flooring and lighting types/styles/sizes that would work in the space, placement of art or photos, suggestions for re-arrangement or removal of furniture for better functionality or flow, and assistance with deciding what your taste and style is, and how to capitalize on that in each space or room

  • I will help you with questions you have, such as what does each room need more of? Less of? What item(s) should we remove from this space? What improvements could be made, and how could they be made? What should I buy, and where would I buy it from? 

  • Discuss design thoughts and ideas for the space(s)​

    • Client provides one to two photos of each room, to be sent via text to Michelle (559-283-5420) at least 24 hours prior to the consultation

  • Post consultation, arrangements may be made for additional services if desired 

*Consultation includes ideas, recommendations, and suggestions, but does not include products, materials, or labor 


frequently asked questions:

I will not do any refurbishing for you, but will help provide the information to DIY or recommend a local business to assist you with your refurbishing. 

Do you provide me with a list of vendors or contractors for any work I might want to do in my home?

For liability reasons, I cannot recommend specific vendors or contractors. I will definitely share with you any ideas I have for whatever your vision is, and suggestions for how to bring it to fruition.


Are you an interior designer? 

I am not an interior designer or professional decorator. I would never claim to be something that I’m not….. I am simply passionate about beautiful interiors and exteriors, and want to help empower you to create spaces in your home that are inspired by you. The renovations I have completed in my own homes, my creative eye and photography experience, and the consulting I have done for a high end home remodeler/builder have all contributed to my desire to help others with something that I have a knack for. Through this new venture, I have found a creative way to do that at a very affordable rate for my clients. I want everyone to love their homes, just as I love mine!

Do you come up with all the design & style ideas for me? 

No, what I do is help identify your taste and style, and then give you ideas and suggestions for making your space more beautiful, functional, comfortable, on trend, or all of the above! Think of me as a guide during your consultation. Before your home consultation you will provide me with a few images of things you think you like, and/or what you're possibly hoping to see in your space(s). This can be a Pinterest board, screenshots of images, etc. I will help you grow these ideas, come up with new ones, and formulate a plan for what you can do in each room to maximize its beauty and functionality.

Will you shop for me? 

Instead of shopping for you, I can shop with you! After your initial in-home consultation, we can make a game plan to get your space better styled, if you feel you need the additional help and support. We can set up a shopping day for an additional fee, where I go with you to stores or shops and/or help you shop online.

If I give you a furniture refurbish project, will you do it for me?