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Why do we all need a little help?

Because of one key reason - making decisions pertaining to your home is overwhelming! You walk into Sherwin Williams to try and choose a paint color for your master bedroom, and you’re faced with a zillion colors! Thousands of options is really challenging, right? You hop online to choose a new entry rug, or want new decorative couch pillows, but, again…..overwhelming! Why are there so many choices?


This is where I come in! I can help you significantly narrow down the options - and recommend specific selections -  that will be perfect for your space, taste, and style. 

I will give you as much or as little of my advice and opinions as you desire.

If you know you want to make changes in your home, but you're not sure exactly what and exactly how (and hiring an interior designer doesn't fit your budget or comfort zone), that's where I come in! I can provide:

  • paint recommendations

  • lighting and flooring suggestions

  • furniture placement, accessories, hardware, and decor recommendations

  • help create more functionality and flow

Photography,decor,Home,Living room
Photography,decor, design,home

I'll bring a big smile, a lot of positivity, and the creative ideas to get you excited, motivated, and buzzing with renewed passion and energy for your home.

In today's times, more than ever before, it's absolutely critical to love where we live, and truly feel that it's a home you love, not a just house. Home is where the heart is. Let's get to work on making your home a haven that you love ~ book an appointment for a home consultation today!


*I am happy to wear a mask in your home, and sanitize before, during, and after meeting with you.

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