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a passion turned career...

My style in my photography has evolved a little bit over the years, but the essence has and will always remain the same - I love light and airy photos, capturing genuine joy and laughter outdoors, and creating a stress-free experience that is not only pleasant, but fun! I am truly passionate about what a gift it is to capture people and their personalities - and to be able to freeze time through my lens. Too many of life's stages and phases are fleeting - our babies don't stay tiny, our children morph into tweens and teens, and our parents slow down. Time….it waits for no one.

So, I'm the girl doing the absolute best I can to capture it for you - chasing sunsets, belly laughs, the love in someone's eyes, the sweetest kiss...LIFE just as it is right now, in this moment.


I want to tell your story, the one that has so many chapters and so many beautiful characters.

The story that is woven with love.

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