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What Makes a House a Home?

Welcome, and thank you for being here! I am SO excited to begin this new journey of helping other women/other families truly love their homes, and not just feel lukewarm about them. Nothing lukewarm is ever any good, right? Making a house into a home is not about its size, its grandeur, its location, or even whether or not it has good "bones." Making a home is about feelings. Feelings that make us feel good! Making your space cozy, comfortable, inviting, and pretty can be done with big spending, OR on a shoestring budget. To me, it's very much like clothes shopping - maybe a few expensive, high-end pairs of jeans, heels, or earrings, and a lot of other pieces that were found on sale, or weren't very expensive to begin with. Together, the ensemble feels perfect. It's never about the price tag; it's about the feelings it evokes. If something makes you feel really good, go for it! If it doesn't excite you, it's probably best to pass. Gosh, this sounds so simple, but can feel complicated when we are actually on the hunt for what we think we want or need. You don't have to box yourself into a corner with one particular style, or one color palette.

The key is to start small - not with a huge, overwhelming goal. Big goals are awesome and important, but have to be tackled piece by piece, for best results. A few simple suggestions to keep in mind when sprucing up a single room - or even {eventually} your entire home:

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1. Plants, plants, plants! If the thought of more living things in your home (aren't kids and pets enough??) scares you, start small! A snake plant, a few succulents, or a ZZ plant will add a great pop of greenery and literally look good in any room. These particular plants are super pretty, stylish, and for the most part, low maintenance - they don't need direct light or a lot of water at all!

My favorite place to purchase plants is Foliage in Old Town Clovis. The owner is super knowledgeable, has a great selection, and it’s always nice to shop small/shop local/support local! Foliage also carries beautiful and contemporary planters. Planters give your greenery a little height, and add a lot of style to a room. Tons of pretty planters can also be found on Amazon!

Photography,home, style

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2. Never underestimate the power of new pillows! My husband thinks I'm a pillow hoarder and could benefit from rehab for my obsession - I say pillows make me happy, and no one needs rehab for happiness! Pillows are inviting, add texture and color, can be changed easily for seasons or holidays, can even hide a blemish on furniture, and are not a major investment. Pillows are your friend! There are lots of places with great prices and selection, but the very best place is probably at Home Goods in Riverpark. The pillows are even somewhat organized by color, so it makes it easier to find the scheme you’re looking for.


3. Print your photos! As a professional photographer, a Mom, and a longtime lover of photos, printing your pictures, versus just having them saved on your computer or phone, is life-changing. Hands down, the best place in town to print images is Horn Photo in Riverpark. They are locally owned and operated, with an amazing team of friendly and knowledgeable people who can help you. Because the Horn staff are professional printers, who are printing on professional paper, the prints match the edits/colors/tones from the photographer much, much better than someplace like Costco or the drugstore. They do prints of every size imaginable, as well as canvases, bound photo books, and creative photo gifts.

Printing your photos also gives your family something tangible to look at and a way to reflect on memories and milestones. Seeing the people you love in a fun, candid moment, inside a pretty frame, will make YOU smile when you pass by it. Photos remind us of our why. Photos remind us of our past, and also tell the stories of our past, present, and future. Showcase your people with pride. Your space and your heart will instantly be happier!

These are only a few of the little things that can start to transform your house into a home. I'd LOVE to meet you personally, and help you with more. From paint, lighting, and flooring, to adding storage and functionality, to updating your decor and capitalizing on blending your favorite styles, we can work together to achieve your dream home (or at least a home you love)! In these crazy times, we are spending more time than EVER at home. It should absolutely be a space that meets your needs, makes you smile, and feels right for you. I'd be thrilled to get to know you and help you fall deeper in love. Let's go!



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